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There is clearly no way of escaping the online world with kids with society embracing technology in all forms and becoming a digital hub in which they learn from.
Schools are using more and more technology to teach children, resulting in tech savvy kids by the time they leave primary school.  So how do we teach children to use another part of their brain and get in touch with offline activities?

JAM online courses for kids teaches kids to get in touch with their creative side with some hands on creative workshops. JAM gives kids the opportunity to learn a special interest skill in the comfort of their own home.

Kids can select from a range of courses that include; opening up their own pop-up restaurant and cook a four-course meal for their family, learn how to draw and host a gallery show of their own work, build anything using Minecraft, write and perform their own songs, invent machines using materials they find around the house, and pitch their own animated series to Cartoon Network.

The courses might be virtual but they are designed to get kids away from the TV and fully engaged in these hands on, creative courses. Each course is put together by experts in their fields, who are passionate to help teach the next generation of creative geniuses. For example, the Minecraft course was developed by OMGChad, a master Minecraft player with 500,000 YouTube followers.

The courses are designed for children 8-14 years and each course has a recommended age group for each so you know what is suitable for your child.

Each course has a specific number of Quests. These Quests are basically challenges that help kids achieve mastery by trying. The courses also have mentors who provide tips and tricks along the way and are accessible 7 days a week. Woven into every JAM course are lessons that last a lifetime.

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JAM is available on IOS and can be downloaded to iPhone, iPad or iPod giving kids the freedom to complete their course in any area that suits their course…I.E Cooking etc.
You can sign up at any time and the kids have 12 months to complete their course. If you pay on a monthly basis the cost is $US25 a month or you can pay upfront for $US99 which is a huge discount of over 67% or you can trial the course for free for a month to see if it suits you.
JAM is also currently running a discounted promotion for Australian families who might be interested in signing up. Use the code AU20JAM for a 20% discount.