There are many pregnancy guides out the in the marketplace but none that appear to be written for the whole family in mind. When parents are planning another addition to their household, they might like to involve their other children in the process who might be feeling confused with what is happening to mum.

Two of the founders of the popular children’s website Babyccino Kids; Esther and Courtney embarked on a journey 2 and 1/2 years ago with Rachel Williams (publisher of Wide Eyed Editions and Frances Lincoln children’s books) and decided to co-wrote a book on pregnancy.

They knew from the start that the book wouldn’t be anything like the children’s pregnancy books on the market that discuss that discuss storks and cabbages or the sort which are more daring with sperms that have enormous eyes and huge grins, swimming with swagger to the grand prize: a big, fat, cosy looking egg.

The book has been written with consideration and respect to the beauty of the creation of life with gorgeous illustrations illustrated by Lizzy Stewart. 9 Months is a book that explains a new pregnancy to siblings, but is also an amazing resource for older children, helping them to understand human reproduction and how a baby develops in the womb, factual and fascinating.


9 Months is available to pre-order now and due to be released on the 26th April at Booktopia. The book has been written with 4-12 year olds in mind and is priced at $RRP24.99.