Advent Calendars are the perfect way to get kids into the Christmas spirit as they countdown the days to Christmas!

The tradition of Advent Calendars dates back to the mid 19th century when religious families in Germany would draw chalk lines for every day in December until Christmas Eve.
Advent is traditionally the four Sundays and weeks before Christmas on the Christian calendar.

Advent calendars have come a long way from the paper calendars were you would open a door each day to reveal a Christmas image. From chocolate calendars to calendars with more bounty, Advent calendars are a great way to countdown the days to Christmas, with a little treat along the way.

The Advent Calendars are certainly becoming more cumbersome and you can spend anywhere from a couple of dollars up to $100 per calendar. Whatever calendar you choose, the meaning is still the same. The Christmas countdown is always an exciting time and when children can see how many days there are left until Christmas, the excitement and the spirit of Christmas continues to grow!

We have found some of the best non chocolate Advent Calendars that are currently available in Australia. Be mindful that if you order calendars from other countries they may not arrive for the December 1st start of Advent.

  • Smiggle Advent Calendar RRP $39.95