Construction play benefits kids from problem solving to fine motor skills. Construction toys come in an array of products including puzzles, model making and many more that ranges in a variety of skills dependant on the age of the child. We have found five construction toys that suit a range of ages and are the perfect gift for kids where thinking and hands are involved.

  1. Sassi 3D Dollhouse & Book
    A friendly doll lives in her own pink and white dollhouse. She likes to relax in the living room, read a book in the bedroom, bake cookies in the kitchen and get cleaned up in the bathroom! Put together this charming dollhouse and peek through the windows, then open it wide and get a good look at all the rooms.
  2. Plus Plus Mini Basic 480pce 3-In-1
    Plus-Plus is a creative and supporting construction toy in Danish design and contains an assortment of basic colour bricks made from a soft and giving plastic for easy assembly.
  3. Magformers Magnetic Construction Blocks – LED Lighted Set 55 pieces
    Future architects are sure to enjoy the modular nature of Magformers LED Lighted Set, building spaceships, diamonds, stars, houses, cameras and much more! Watch them shine brightly by adding a LED magnetic light! Press the light to change colour and watch your creation glow in rainbow colours! This set includes 5 geometric shapes, 3 accessory pieces and a step-by-step idea booklet.
  4. Djeco – Garden Tap Tap
    Create your own little garden using the wooden shaped flower pieces and cork board.  Comes encased in a wooden box, making it ideal for storage.
  5. Tiger Tribe Patternation
    Puzzle and pattern lovers will love Patternation! A magnetic activity where you copy one of twelve patterns or create your own. This box includes a 26 x 26cm magnetic board, twelve patterned cards to copy and 96 magnetic pattern tiles. Children who love puzzles will love the challenge of recreating these intricate patterns, and then making their own patterns too.