One of the best gifts kids could receive at Christmas are any toys that allow them to be imaginative using pretend play. From dolls to dolls houses, gifts where kids can copy real life and make up their own stories are perfect to grow the imagination. Check out our Christmas Gift Guide Top 5 Pretend Play gifts below.

  1. TOMY Kazoops
    Capture your preschooler’s imagination this Christmas with Kazoops!’s very first range of beautiful plush characters and figurines from leading toy retailer TOMY… And just imagine! The show’s much-loved animated characters Monty Kazoop, Jimmy Jones and their imaginary companions form this fun, colourful range which has just landed on Australian shelves at Toys“R”Us and Big W. Fans of the TV series will know Monty and his loyal pet pig, Jimmy Jones, journey into Monty’s imagination to challenge adult preconceptions about the world. The series encourages preschoolers to use their imagination to explore life’s questions and never take anything at face value, “because things could always be different if you just imagine …” explains Monty Kazoop.
    TOMY’s Kazoops! toy line is priced between $12.99 to $34.95 and now available in Australia at leading retailers Toys“R”Us and Big W.
  2. Tiger Tribe Vintage Tea Set-Mermaids
    Call us old-fashioned but we believe a toy tea set is an essential item in every child’s toy box. Not only will your child learn important values and skills — coordination, sharing and socialisation — but they will be collecting the most precious memories too.
    Children will love having tea parties with their friends and siblings using this beautiful tea set. Packaged in a smart suitcase to keep all the pieces together, this is a classic gift to be played with and treasured for years.
  3. Shaving Kit With Case (Egmont Belgium)
    Now little boys can shave just like dad does with this gorgeous wooden shaving and grooming set by Belgium company Egmont. Comes packed in a lovely little illustrated case complete with a built in (child safe) mirror on the inside lid. The kit includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, shaving foam, cologne, hair dryer and comb, all made of wood.
  4. Kruseling Deluxe Dolls
    After more than a century, Käthe Kruse produces fantasy adventure dolls in addition to the well-known traditional and play dolls in collaboration with reknowned dollmaker Sonja Hartmann.This is a lovely collection of fantasy dolls for girls between four and seven years-old. The characters are five girls aged 10 years, who live on different continents. But when Luna, Vera, Sofia, Joy and Chloe are summoned by the “Fire Opal”, a mysterious power that is known as the “shines bright heart”, they turn into the Kruselings, the guardians of the Dreamland!
  5. Viga Toys Wooden Ice Cream Shop
    This amazing Viga Toys Wooden ice cream shop features 4 different ice cream flavours with 2 cones, 1 scoop, 5 popsicles. Reach for the scoop to dish up different tasty treats. It would make a lovely addition to your play kitchen, or it’s just perfect for an afternoon tea party! Also wonderful for hand eye co-ordination, role play and social ability.