As the world becomes more digital and advanced, so do the gifts. If your little one loves anything to do with technology, check out our top 5 picks in our Christmas Gift Guide below.

1. Meccano Micronoid Zapp Buildable Interactive Robot
Meccano’s Micronoid Code Zapp is a 9.6” x 8” x 5.7” robot with a personality. Curious minds new to the world of robotics will be able to assemble Zapp in less than an hour. Once built, Zapp syncs to your computer and is easily programmable. As an interactive robot, you can talk to Zapp and see it respond! Zapp even has hobbies! Switch to DJ mode and listen to some great tunes, or arrange a jam session and unite Zapp with the other Micronoid robots, like Magna and A.C.E.

2.Typo Zip Drone
The Zip Drone really lives up to its name. This speedy little drone is a real pocket rocket, with a sleek and futuristic look. The Zip Drone is agile and lightweight for easy flying and movement.

3.Selfiemic Selfie Stick Microphone – Pink
Sing like a pro, create your own music videos and become a star with Selfie Mic! Featuring an adjustable selfie stick with working microphone, earpiece and free app, Selfie Mic allows you to sing, lip sync and perform to thousands of your favourite songs and create music videos on your own or with friends.

4. Build A Bot
Build-a-Bot takes robotics to the next level by building and personalising your very own pet.
Build-a-Bot brings S.T.E.M. learning to young children! Build, customise, and play!

5. LittleBits Arduino Coding Kit
Learn the basics of coding while building your own fun, programmable inventions! Make your own Etch-a-Sketch, program a visual display, control your computer’s mouse, and more. The handy instructions will walk you through the basics of Arduino programming.

  • Meccano Micronoid Zapp Buildable Interactive Robot