If you love the classics and can’t wait until your children are old enough to pick up books from Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens and Charlotte Bronte, then you might be pretty excited to hear that Cozy Classics create board books for little ones based on the classic novels we all know and love.

Cozy Classics is the popular board book series presenting well-loved very abridged style stories through 12 child-friendly words and 12 needle-felted illustrations.

The concept for Cozy Classics is simple: every classic in the series will be condensed to 12 child-friendly words, and each word will appear alongside a needle-felted illustration. Each word is carefully selected to relate to a child’s world, such as “friends”, “sisters”, “dance”, “muddy”, “boat”, and “leg”. The books work as word primers, even without any reference to the original stories. If you, as a parent, can fill in some of the original tale as part of the reading experience, so much the better!

Cozy Classics uses a simple one word/one image format to help babies and toddlers build vocabulary and learn everyday concepts such as body parts, emotions, animals, relationships, actions, and opposites. However, Cozy Classics organizes everyday words in a more unique way: through story. By putting words in the context of a story, our books help children find further meaning through a growing sense of narrative.

As children get older, parents can expand on the stories in ever more elaborate ways.

Cozy Classics are the brain child of twin brothers Jack and Holman Wang, Vancouver based author/illustrators who decided to look into creating unique children’s books after they had children of their own.

Cozy Classics was created with an integrated approach to illustration which combines needle felting (process of tangling fibres), scale model-making and photography. Holman Wang took on the task to learn the art of needle felting to create the characters that would be photographed in each book.
There are no computer graphics used in the creation of the illustrations in Cozy Classics. The felt characters are placed in real life locations such as on rivers for Hucklebery Finn or set up in a studio where sets are created to replicate the scene in the book.

The authors of Cozy Classics want to ensure that the books aren’t written to be used as a tool to educate babies. Cozy Classics were created to create a fun “literacy-rich environment” that will pave the way for success with reading.

The first two books created were ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Moby Dick’ and since then 10 more Cozy Classics have been added to the series including; Great Expectations, The Nutcracker, Les Miserable and this year The Wizard of Oz, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Jane Eyre and Oliver Twist were added.

After much success with the Cozy Classic series the brothers in conjunction with Disney/Lucasfilm, has also released three volumes in a new series called Star Wars Epic Yarns, featuring 12-word, needle-felted versions of each of the three original Star Wars movies.

All books can be purchased from Book Depository, Booktopia, Bookworld and Fishpond.

One of my daughter’s is currently reading the original classics but this would be something I would definitely have bought being a lover of the classics myself. What a beautiful way to introduce your little one to the world of classic stories and authors where you can retell the story in your own words with the help of beautiful felt illustrations.