DINOSAUR rEVOLUTION Secrets of Survival is like no other exhibition you have ever seen before at the Newcastle Museum.

For want to be palaeontologists young and old, this is your chance to explore the evolution of the Dinosauria.

Not long ago, our knowledge of dinosaurs was based almost completely on the assumptions we made from their internal body structure. Bones and possible muscle and tendon attachments were what scientists used mostly for reconstructing their anatomy. The rest, including the colours, were left to the imagination… and needless to say the skins were lizard-like and the colours grey, green and brown prevailed.

It is believed that that the Dinosauria was subdivided in two main groups, according mostly to their pelvic structure: Saurischia and Ornithischia. But they had many things in common, including structures made of a special family of fibrous proteins called keratin that covered their skin in the form of spikes, quills, protofeathers and feathers, that served as insulation, defensive-offensive items or simply ornamentation.

Numerous dinosaurs and fossils are well represented and spectacularly mounted in this exhibition. The exhibits are backed with images and murals of the dinosaur species, fully fleshed, feathered and restored in living and breathing colours.

Saturday October 28 is the opening of DINOSAUR rEVOLUTION at Newcastle Museum. From 11am to 3pm there will be fun craft activities for children like mask-making, dinosaur finger puppets, and more. This is a free activity for children however dinosaur badge making will cost $1 per badge.

WHEN: 28th October 2017-28th January 2018
WHERE: Newcastle Museum
COST: Adults $10, Children over the age of three $5, family $25