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Botanic Gardens

Something really special about Adelaide, is that our square shaped CBD (framed by four terraces – north, south, east and west, just to make it easy for you) is surrounded by a mile of parklands and gardens.

The most beautiful of which is the Botanic Gardens. You’re “in the heart of the city but another world away” – Botanic Gardens website.
There are so many secret and special trails to follow, tunnels made from creepers and vines, vast open spaces of green grass, Amazon Waterlily pavilion, café, kiosk & restaurant, garden shop, sculptures and water features. Free guided walks take place every day at 10:30 am (with the exception of extreme heat above 36 degrees, Good Friday and Christmas Day). Bring a picnic and you’ll be set for a great day!

While you’re there, we recommend you stop by the Bicentennial Conservatory and experience the lush rainforest atmosphere. Paths and bridges will lead you from one end to the other and back again. Open 10am – 4pm everyday (5pm during daylight savings time).


North Terrace, Adelaide.
Entrances from North Terrace, Plane Tree Drive, Hackney Road and Frome Road.
Opening times Monday – Friday 7:15am and Weekends 9am.
Closing times vary depending on the month, 7pm in the summer and 5pm in the winter.
Free entry

What’s nearby?

Botanic Park (just across from the Friends Gate on Plane Tree Drive) with the grandest biggest trees with twisty roots that the kids will have hours of fun playing in and around. The Adelaide Zoo is also walking distance from the gardens.
Stroll up North Terrace to find the SA Museum and Art Gallery.
Plus just a hop, skip and a jump down East Terrace and you’ll find yourself on Rundle Street with all it’s awesome restaurants and trendy shops.