In 2012, four friends (Tal, Asi, Pedro and David) got together and made a personalised book- better than any personalised book that had ever been made before! After countless hours of ideas, a storyline was produced and eventually a charming story called The Little Girl/Boy Who Lost Their Name was created. The idea was the story itself would change based on the name of the child it was created for.

Word got around and soon many books were bought spurring on hundreds of books being written, then thousands, then millions over the next couple of years. These four friends had transformed the book into a whole company called Lost My Name, where they started to create new, even more imaginative personalised stories.

The four friends soon became a hundred friends and Lost My Name became Wonderbly.

Since The Little Girl/Boy Who Lost Their Name was released there has been five additional books each targeting different age groups from babies to older children.

This month, just before Roald Dahl day on the 13th September, the gates of Willy Wonka’s world-famous Chocolate Factory opened once more with the debut of the brand new, delicious literary adventure My Golden Ticket; the first new story in more than four decades to be set in Roald Dahl’s wonderful world of Wonka.

A collaboration between the Roald Dahl Literary Estate and the leading disruptor in personalised children’s publishing, Wonderbly. My Golden Ticket presents a magical new Wonka experience where no two adventures are the same.

Incorporating Wonderbly’s unique blend of storytelling, design and technology, My Golden Ticket is the book that fulfils the dream of millions of children of all ages: their very own Golden Ticket.

Told in journal form, the story begins with each reader discovering a much-coveted Golden Ticket inside a chocolate bar given to them by a family member. Page by page, the reader is taken from Willy Wonka’s iconic gates, deeper and deeper into his factory as they journey through some familiar – and some entirely NEW – rooms of Wonka’s incredible factory. Guided by an Oompa-Loompa called Lomo, the reader moves through the weird and wonderful rooms, each time discovering a new flavour, colour or experience based on the letters of his or her own name. The pages are bursting with imaginative language, delightful twists and impossible inventions. Fans of the original story will recognise some of therooms and ideas, but there are plenty of new surprises sure to delight child and adult readers alike.

The visual style began with the development of an imagined Wonka Brand. The team at Wonderbly considered everything from logos to typefaces to paper stock. Imagining that the ‘brand’ was first created in 1964, they pored over sweet and chocolate advertisements from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, as well as vintage theme-park memorabilia to try to capture the ‘essence’ of Wonka. Illustrator Adam Hancher used these images and inform his creative process, with the result being beautiful, whimsical, and tasty treats that look delicious enough to take off the pages and eat!

Personalise your own copy of My Golden Ticket at Priced at $39.99 for a soft cover or $49.99 for a hard cover.