IKEA is inviting children aged between 3-12 to take part in the IKEA Soft Toy Drawing Competition where the most unique creations will be turned into real cuddly toys sold in all IKEA stores across the world.

“The event creates opportunities for children to be creative and get to draw their dream toy and that opens up their fantasy, which really shows in the art”, says Bodil Fritjofsson, Product Developer at Children’s IKEA.

The chosen drawings will now go on to become a special limited soft toy collection, launched in IKEA stores worldwide as part of the new IKEA Good Cause Campaign focusing on children’s rights to play and develop. The 10 most unique drawings are turned into cuddly soft toys.

The IKEA Soft Toy Drawing Competition is an opportunity for children to express their imagination while contributing to a greater cause. Proceeds from the sale of the SAGOSKATT toys will be donated to Save the Children, giving 5000 vulnerable Australian children a chance to play and learn.

The IKEA Soft Toy Drawing competition runs from 3 – 19 November and you can enter at the IKEA stores or online.

Submit your child’s drawing HERE.