Justine Clarke is back on our TV screens today with a brand new show! She is Australia’s sweetheart not only in film and stage but also in the children’s entertainment industry with her long time presence on ABC Kids with Play School, her Justine Clarke music clips and now with her new show Ta Da!

It’s been a while since she has toured as Justine Clarke as she has devoted the last twelve months to Ta Da! From the initial development workshop to script writing, pre-production, and shooting, Ta Da! has taken up every waking moment.

The concept came about after Justine’s love for engaging children in music from an early age gave her an idea where children can learn about all aspects of performing arts from different genre’s of music to behind the scenes of a stage show.

Justine Clarke’s Ta Da! is an energetic, humorous exploration of music, dance, theatre and performance – where children get to experience real musical concepts through imaginative play and drama. In each episode, Justine, accompanied by her stage manager friend, Dash the dog, and a special guest will work together to get everything ready in time for the big show.

It’s five minutes until show time at the Ta Da! Theatre and Justine Clarke has invited you backstage to help with the final preparations. There are melodies to master, dance moves to fine tune, sets to dress, and costumes to create. And then … Ta Da! the show begins.

The exciting ensemble of special guest performers and artists include: musician Tim Rogers, actress Denise Scott, dancer and TV personality Paul Mercurio, hip hop artist and triple j host Hau Latukefu, actor and physical comedian David Collins, plus many more.

When deciding upon who would be a special guest on the show, Justine says they started with their wish list, with most of the wish list coming on board.  “A lot of it had to do with making sure that over the 15 episodes there was variety, that was definitely very high on our list to make sure each episode was very different and highlighted a different aspect of the performing arts” Justine says. “Each performer who comes on is representing some element of the theatre”.

Justines states that she always wanted to work with Tim Rodgers who not only plays the costume designer in the first episode but also writes a song and produced it for the show.

The show was filmed locally and several schools were invited as the audience to give kids that live theatre experience.

In the pre-show segment, the audience will learn about the art and craft of theatre and music production, including singing, improvisation, acting, set building, costume design and dancing.

The episode concludes with Justine performing a themed song of the day recorded live at the Ta Da! Theatre in front of an audience of enthusiastic children. These original songs have been co-written by Justine Clarke, Peter Dasent, Arthur Baysting, Josh Pyke, Sean Peter, Jane Lindsay, Cameron Bruce, Bruce Griffiths and Tim Rogers, and cover a variety of genres including rock, country, hip hop, classical, disco, folk and more.

Whether it’s turning rhyme into rap, mastering a glam rock ‘n roll dance move or creating some cool drum beats, preschoolers will be engaged in the drama and the preparation and be ready to sing and dance along during the show. This is the show about putting on a show – so take your places everyone … it’s time for Justine Clarke’s Ta Da!

You can catch Ta Da! daily from today at 5.50pm on ABC Kids until the 24th November and can also catch Justine as Betty Heslop in Muriel’s Wedding the Musical currently playing at the Sydney Theatre Company.

The Ta Da! Soundtrack will also available for purchase from the 10th November for $12.99 from the ABC

Justine has also mentioned that you will hopefully catch her touring in 2018.