Photo Credit: Anna Kucera

In true treehouse fashion, Andy and Terry return to the stage with more craziness and mayhem as an additional 13 storeys are added to their treehouse of mammoth proportions.

Andy and Terry have added a scribbletorium, a high security potato chip facility, a giant unhatched egg, a combining machine where you can combine any two items to produce a different item and Andytown and Terrytown that is full of Andy and Terry clones.

The opening scene of two spy cows monitoring Andy and Terry’s movements sets the storyline of The 78-Storey Treehouse. Mr Bigshot is coming to the treehouse to make a movie about Andy and Terry or so they thought until Andy finds out Mr Bigshot is not so interested in the Andy side of the duo.

After many attempts to be a part of the movie, Andy is banished from the set by Mr Big Shot who has replaced him by someone (or should we say something) else to play the part of Andy. Terry appears to have forgotten about the friendship with Andy with his new found fame being the priority.

To cheer himself up, Andy heads to the scribbletorium where he stumbles upon the spy cows plan to make their own ‘cow house movie’. Andy tries to warn Mr Big Shot but his warning falls on deaf ears continuing the movie without Andy.

After an attempt to write an autobiography with much of the content revolving around his broken friendship with Terry, Jill tries to talk some sense into Andy resulting in a fight between the pair. He heads to a place where he knows he will be loved and appreciated; Andytown however it is not long before the Andy clones turn on him too about his behaviour towards Terry.

Andy has had enough and challenges Terry to an epic space battle where Andy’s plan for revenge takes a terrible turn. Let’s just say, a kids’ show can’t be left on a bad note and alls well that ends well when the finale arrives.

The cast is made up of four fabulous actors who bring Andy and Terry’s book to life in humorous and entertaining way. In addition to Andy (Samuel Welsh) and Terry (Teale Howie) who bring energy and amusement to the show, Tim Carroll and Freya Pragt continually swap characters in the show from Mr Big Shot, to Jill, to Spy Cows and Andy clones. The four actors combined keep the audience entertained and laughing for the shows duration.

Presented by CDP Kids, the theatre company who have brought The 13-, 26- and 52-Storey Treehouses from page to stage, have continued to produce a highly entertaining show the whole family will love. With the colourful stage sets (clearly designed with the direction from Terry), the well oiled production crew, the catchy musical numbers and the four fabulous actors thrown into the combining machine, the 78-Storey Treehouse makes for one amazing school holiday show for kids this January.

In Summary

WHAT: The 78-Storey Treehouse presented by CDP Kids
WHERE: The Playhouse, Sydney Opera House
WHEN: 3-21 January 2018
WHO: Suitable for kids aged 6+
RUNNING TIME: 60 minutes (no interval)
TICKETS:  Standard tickets $39 plus an $8.50 booking fee
FACILITIES: Toilets are located on the same level as the Playhouse. For those families bringing strollers there is pram parking available and large bags will need to be checked in to the cloakroom.
GETTING THERE:  The Sydney Opera House is located near to Circular Quay which is well serviced by buses, trains, overground and ferries.
FOOD & DRINK:  The Opera Bar offers a Junior Lunch option on their adult menu with meals including pizza, fish and chips and spaghetti priced around $14/meal. Another option is to bring a picnic and enjoy it harbourside or at the neighbouring Royal Botanic Gardens.