Following on from their very successful show Erth’s Dinosaur Show, the team at Erth are now bringing their Prehistoric Aquarium to the stage.

The duo leading us on our journey to discovering strange and wonderful prehistoric animals are Drew and Katherine. Drew very much reminded me of David Brent from the UK’s The Office, he was awkward but funny and thought he knew it all. Katherine – whose name Drew often forgot which lead to many gags throughout the show – is the marine biologist and the person who gives us an accurate insight into the discovery of various prehistoric animals.

We follow Katherine into Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium and discover a whole range of animals from the past. My son’s favourite – the plesiosaur – was there, as were her babies. The action all culminated when the plesiosaur mother was being attacked by a Kronosaurus Queenslandicus – and everyone, including my 8 year old daughter got caught up in the moment to ensure we had a happy ending.

It may seem like a hard task on paper to make animals from thousands of years ago (or as Drew tells us, from the time your grandparents were born) seem interesting to children of today – but the team here manages to do it quite successfully. There are lots of gags to be had, plenty of interactive elements, and the children (not to mention the adults) are skilfully drawn into the action. And at the end of the show we all seemed to leave having learnt something new.

If you have a child who is very much into dinosaurs and prehistoric animals like my 6 year old son – Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium will be right up your alley. And even if your child isn’t into such things, they may well walk out of the show with a new interest. This is a show that’s definitely worth checking out.

WHEN: 23rd September to the 8th October
WHERE: Sydney Opera House
COST: Standard Tickets from $29 + $8.50 BF