Bundled up in more layers than I care to count, we headed into Southbank over the weekend to check out Melbourne’s newest winter attraction, the Melbourne Ice Slide. Just in time for the school holidays and located within an easy stroll of Flinders Street Station, the slide is open from 10am onward (closing time varies) from now until July 16th. There is also a carpark right near the Langham which offers an $11 flat rate if you are heading in on a Saturday or Sunday.


Slide tickets are available to purchase on site from the big red shipping container and can choose between a 3 or 6 ride ticket option ($12 and $20 respectively). Kids under five must ride with an adult, though the large custom tubes are big enough to accommodate both of you, and it is pretty fun! There are two different smaller sized tubes for younger kids so just ask the friendly attendants to help your child pick the right one before they ride.

While our 3 year old was a little hesitant, the five year old couldn’t get enough, proving that the investment in the 6 ticket option had been the wise choice. There are two lanes so kids can race each other down and join the 11 000 people who gave it a go last year.


If the big kids don’t like the idea of hurtling down an icy slide on a rubber tube, they can always perch on a bar stool next door at Ludlow and warm up with their drink of choice while they watch the fun unfold. There is also a public toilet right near the slide, next to the river.

Anyone who purchases ice slide tickets also gets a discount for Eureka Skydeck so head up to the 88th floor to check out our beautiful city from the ultimate birds eye view. If you haven’t had enough of the cold once you are done then perhaps head over to Federation Square to check out the new River Rink ice-skating area. Even if you don’t want to join in (you get a discount for this too), watching the inevitable stacks can be fun enough and there are lots of food stalls to grab a bite to eat.


With a portion of the proceeds going to Variety: The children’s charity, you can take the kids out for a bit of fun, as well as feel like you are giving back. And besides, it’s much closer and cheaper than a trip to the snow!

There are attendants at both ends to help everyone get in and out safely and avoid smacking into the wall at the end. It’s not massively steep but it’s surprising how much speed you build up across the 36 metres of ice. Be sure to put the kids in tight beanies to avoid them flying off as they speed down the hill!

For more information click HERE.

Melbourne Ice Slide Opening Hours
Mon – Thurs – 10am – 6pm
Friday & Sat – 10am – 8pm
Sunday – 10am – 7pm