Mister Maker has been a consistent presence in our family since he first appeared on screens 10 years ago, and continues to entertain each of our kids to this day. Mister Maker Returns to Australia this June/July for another fabulous tour in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle, Canberra, Geelong and Albury.

Phil Gallagher’s alter ego as the effusive, extravagant and arty Mister Maker is as infectious on screen as he is on stage, and with 4 spin-off TV shows and over 500 live performances under his belt the result is a slick, entertaining and silly 60 minutes that has something for all the family, even winning over my cynical 7 year-old who thought he was ‘too old’ for the show, only to be swept up in the energetic production along with everyone else.

After some guided arts and crafts activities in the lobby, the theatre soon filled up with excited families and groups of friends adorned with paper masks, feathers, beads and streamers, with many proudly carrying in their creations and paintings from home. A lucky few got to get their artworks proudly pinned up on the stage, and a roving camera picked up more throughout the show. A tongue-in-cheek introduction segued into a tour-de-force of creativity, singing and dancing with Mister Maker’s trademark ‘minute make time’ guiding a lucky volunteer and his mum through a creative and messy three course meal made of paints, string, beads, sponges and balls.

The highlight for many however were the eponymous Shapes, dancing along to their ‘best song in the world’ and displaying hilarious antics and 3D personalities far exceeding their 2D appearances. Rectangle’s absence to indulge in his own worldwide tour necessitated Terry – an eager volunteer from the audience to take his place, which delighted not only the audience but clearly blew away his son who was celebrating his birthday and was overjoyed to see his dad onstage dancing alongside the other Shapes.

All up, this was a show that was above expectations – it was fun, full of energy and had something in it that appealed to both kids and parents alike. The hour passed quickly, and could have easily continued for longer. Mister Maker is a consummate showman, clearly in his element single-handedly driving this show with the same enthusiasm as all the kids in their hand made masks dancing in the aisles. We will no doubt continue to see his creative drive play a part in our kid’s interests for many years to come.

The Mister Maker Returns tour commences in Sydney on the 30th June, making it’s way around the country until the 22nd July. To secure your tickets or for more information, head to www.mistermakertour.com.au