Mattel has released 15 new diverse Ken® dolls, ‘Next Gen Ken’ in its Fashionista range to complement the Fashionista diverse Barbie® line of tall, curvy and petite that launched in 2016.

Fans of the Barbie® Fashionista range will now have 15 new diverse Ken® dolls with slim, broad and original body types to choose from as well as seven new skin tones, eight new hair colours and nine new hairstyles, including cornrows, a fade and a man bun.

The first changes to the Barbie® Fashionista range occurred in 2015 when sales were down and the perception of the brand amongst consumers was low. In 2015 Mattel revamped the look of the current Barbie® adding new skin tones, hair textures and colors to make Barbie look more like the young girls they were targeting.

The brand is also introducing 25 additional diverse Barbie dolls that will add to the already 100+diverse looks Mattel has launched in the Barbie® Fashionista range over the last three years.

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EDITOR’S THOUGHTS: Mattel introduced a new range of diverse dolls so children could identify more with skin colour, hair type, body shape but are the new dolls really achieving what they have set out to do?

With an increase in sales since it’s slump in 2015, obviously something is working but the new range of Fashionistas are starting to look more like adults than ever before.  Man buns and cornrows certainly add a sense of adulthood to the range.

With 25 additional diverse Barbies launching soon, one with blue hair and one that looks suspiciously like Amber Rose, the thought of reaching out to the younger audience with a range of adult looking dolls who children can’t identify with other than skin tone, hair type etc makes me wonder if Mattel really have hit the target yet.

Maybe the Fashionista range needed to be manufactured as a younger looking doll like Skipper. A younger undeveloped doll that young girls and boys have more identity with than adult dolls.