It only seems like yesterday Mister Maker was in town with his last show entertaining mini makers of all ages! He’s back this month with his new show Mister Maker Returns and he’s coming to your city!

Zodiak, Live Nation and NAB are excited to announce the MISTER MAKER RETURNS national tour is heading to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Newcastle, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth!

Joining Mister Maker on stage will be his famous side-kicks The Shapes as well as the Mister Maker dancers. Mister Maker Returns is a brand-new theatre show, perfect for children of all ages & their grown-ups too! Full of laughter, music and lots of big surprises, this family production will entertain everyone with its creative chaos and fun.

What’s more, there are lots of exciting opportunities to interact with Mister Maker during the show…There are games to be played and prizes to be won!

Mini Makers’ artwork will be showcased at the theatre with everyone who brings along their piece of art being awarded a Mister Maker sticker!

And, for the first time ever, one lucky audience member will get the chance to dance live on stage with The Shapes! #iamashape

Twelve months ago we got to chat to Phil (AKA Mister Maker) and got to know him on a more personal level with a few hard hitting questions from miss 9. Last year was his 10th year in his role as Mister Maker and he stills loves every minute of the character he portrays on screen.

See after chatting with him for some time, you start to realise that Phil and Mister Maker are one in the same. There’s no need to channel his inner vest wearing, crafty alias….the bubbly personality of Phil shines through just like it does as if he is performing to a packed theatre.

So this year we wanted to delve a little more to see if we could find any differences between Phil and the character he portrays so well.

  • The actor that would portray me in my life story would be……Paul Rudd is my current acting hero. I’d be honoured if he played me in Mister Maker: The Movie! 
  • When I was a child I was…. not much different from today! Just not as tall and with fewer grey hairs.
  • Two of my all time favourite movies include….Back to the Future and The Dark Knight Rises.    
  • I spend my weekends…..working, normally! But I’m very lucky, I love my job.
  • If I could do someone else’s job for a day it would be…..Joe Root – and captain England in an Ashes series!
  • My favourite country I have visited so far is…..Australia of course! I love it – and consider it my second home 🙂
  • I couldn’t ever go without……A cup of tea in the morning
  • The silliest thing I have done on stage is…..slip on a plastic egg, cracking two ribs and my armpit in the process!
  • My proudest achievement includes…..being given an Honorary Fellowship by my old University, (Canterbury Christ Church Uni) last year. My family were there to watch the ceremony in Canterbury Cathedral. 
  • In the future I see myself……Where we’re going, we don’t need roads… (Back to the Future fans unite)
  • The weirdest thing I have received from a fan is….. A half-chewed sweet! I was very polite and popped it in my pocket.
  • One thing I could never eat is…. A half-chewed sweet! (See above)
  • My worst habit is….Worrying too much.
  • Three things I strongly believe in are…Family, Friendship and always trying your best. 
  • The song that always gets me on the dance floor is….A-Ha – Take on Me. Or anything by the Pet Shop Boys.  

So you be the judge…Phil Gallagher answering…or Mister Maker?

Catch Mister Maker Returns around Australia from the 30th June with his first stop at the Big Top at Luna Park Sydney!

For complete tour and ticketing details, visit: For your chance to win four tickets of your own head over to our WIN page!