In a world where all correspondence is by the form of electronic communication, it is no wonder that the art of letter writing is becoming obsolete. Mr Boddington‘s Secret Society of Letter Writing is trying to change that and encourage children to turn back to the art of letter writing with an invitation to join their secret society.

Flash back in time to your childhood when their was no email, skype, facetime, messenger, social media, text message or anything else that allowed instant contact via electronic tools. The days when you actually sent letters to friends and spent your time on the look out for pretty stickers and writing paper to send off in the post.

And then when your friends sent letters back, you checked the post box everyday to wait for that letter to rush into your bedroom to read in private. If you were connected to people who lived overseas, you may have even had a Pen Pal from another country to communicate with.

Mr Boddington is an American website dedicated to the art of letter writing. The online shop is filled with beautifully designed stationary items to assist with all your letter writing needs. Pen Pal kits, Letters from Camp writing kids, Santa Letter Kits, stationary sets, lunch notes, notecards and many other gorgeous items.

In addition to the online shop, the Mr Boddington’s Secret Society of Letter Writers encourages children to preserve the hand written letter by joining the society. Go online to  sign up your child where they will then receive their next instructions and official member pledge. Members of the Secret Society will receive periodic post from he New York City Headquarters regarding important news, secret messages, letterwriting projects, Pen Pals and the club’s annual who’s who.

Mr Boddington

Children from all over the world from Brooklyn to Tokyo, Shanghai to Moscow and everywhere in between are encouraged to sign up and get writing. Their membership requirements request that members;

  • Recognise the importance of writing
  • Able to keep secrets
  • Have excellent penmanship (or potential for improvement)
  • Have curiosity about fellow members.

Once you have received all the important information sent by Master Boddington, your children is requested to send everything back to receive a prize ad their next set of SSLW instructions…but not before writing three notes or letters!

There is also a card to fill in to receive an international Pen Pal for you child should you wish them to correspond with someone from a different country or culture. Mr Boddington organises this for you. What a splendid way for children to get interested in writing letters or just practicing their writing. Mr Boddington is definitely putting the fun back into penmanship!

For more information or to sign up to the SSLW go to and get writing!