Newstead House is located right on the river in Newstead Park, 5 minutes’ drive from the CBD. Built in 1845, it’s Brisbane’s oldest surviving residential building, surrounded by manicured gardens and stunning views.

The house was home to several prominent families in the earliest days of Brisbane’s colonial history. It now functions as a museum, providing a snapshot of mid 19th century daily life.

Upstairs you’ll find furniture, fashions and quaint household items, displayed room by room as they would have been in daily use. Downstairs, children will enjoy comparing their lives to ‘olden days’ experiences, getting hands-on with vintage kitchen gadgets, washing tubs and tools.

The small onsite café provides Devonshire teas and weekends often bring live music and food trucks to the riverside. Alternatively, bring your own picnic to enjoy on lush grass under shady trees.

Open to the public: Fri & Sun – 9am-4pm; Sat – 9am-1pm.
Museum entry: $9 (adults), $6 (U15yrs) or $20 (2 adults + 2 children).
Entry to the grounds is free.


Cnr Breakfast Creed Rd & Newstead Ave, Newstead.
Contact 07 3216 1846

What’s Nearby?

You’ll find walking tracks, bike paths and playgrounds dotted around Newstead Park, which runs along the picturesque Brisbane River. Use underpass routes to enjoy lunch at the Breakfast Creek Hotel or riverside cafes. Take a longer walk, or short drive, towards Hamilton for the nearest ferry stop and get a different view of Brisbane from the water.