We all know the importance of reading to a child from young age and what better way to engage a child in reading than a book that includes the child as one of the main characters.

Penwizard Personalised Books for kids transports your child into the heart of the story along side popular book characters including Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, The Snowman and others.

Choose from a variety of titles to put your little one amongst the characters from the popular book and TV series. In addition to the regular titles, you can personalise your very own Christmas themed book.

The process is simple. Choose the book you would like personalised from the many books featured on the Penwizard website. Each storyline is different including different characters so you might need to personalise some other people in the family including mum, dad, or another sibling.

Penwizard Personalised Books start from $AU29.99 and are shipped within 7 working days following despatch. Save up to 25% when you buy two or more books.

For more information or to purchase your Penwizard Personalised Book head to www.penwizard.com/au/