In a world where we are taught money makes the world go around from an early age, it is not often that children fully understand the concept of saving their money instead of spending their money.

Teaching children important financial skills in their younger years is vital for them to manage money and navigate finances in their adult years.

In the current digital landscape where the majority of people are using internet banking, using credit or debit cards and shopping online, it’s not often that children see many transactions with cash anymore. Not seeing these cash transactions makes it harder for kids to understand what things cost and understand the value of money. No wonder they think money grows on trees!

Spriggy is making it easier for kids to see how money grows with their personalized prepaid card. There’s no more scrounging around for coins each week to fill up the kids piggy bank on pocket money day. Spriggy’s app makes it easier to ‘pay’ the kids each week with one simple transaction whilst giving the kids empowerment to manage their money.

The concept of Spriggy is simple. After signing up online, your child will be sent their prepaid card. They won’t be able to use the card until the parent transfers funds from the parent wallet onto the card. This is all managed through the Spriggy parent app which you download onto your phone/ipad etc.

The app and account is easy to set up and with the assistance of your child who can customize the app with a profile picture and their own login, they can start setting up a savings goal.
The savings goal is fabulous giving children a chance to save for a particular item before they spend their pocket money.

Scheduling pocket money is easy using the Spriggy app too. You can set up a weekly or fortnightly transfer as long as you have funds in your parent wallet. Scheduled pocket money will be automatically paid  from the parent wallet to your child’s card or savings.

The app allows parents to track what the children are spending their pocket money on as well giving parents an opportunity to trigger discussions about their child’s spending habits.

Spriggy uses bank-level encryption and the highest level of authorized institutions used for your security. If your child’s card is lost, stolen or overused, you can lock the card immediately to prevent further usage.

You can trial the card for 30 days before you are charged an annual fee of $30 the day after your free trial ends- so no risk if it’s not for you. The membership fee is billed annually, upfront as a single instalment and will be automatically deducted from your linked bank account or debit card. Sign up HERE for your free 30 day trial and bonus $5 savings starter!

Our experience with Spriggy has been wonderful with many reasons to stay signed up with Spriggy after our trial ends.


  • Safe, secure and transparent for parents to monitor where money is being spent.
  • Empowers and educates kids on the value of money with regular saving goals.
  • Allows children financial independence giving them more responsibility when purchasing the item they want.
  • When children go to a paid outing with friends, it’s easy to top up instead of trying to find money to give them.
  • Scheduling pocket is easy using the fortnightly or weekly schedule tab . This ensures that payment is made on time for the chores achieved plus reduces having to scrounge around in your wallet for coins for the piggy bank.
  • Easy and convenient to use with payWave tap and go set up. However if purchasing an item over $100, a PIN will need to be used.
  • If you have any problems with the card, the support at Spriggy is fabulous! There is always someone on hand to answer your questions.


  • For me the only downside is the time delay in transferring the money from your bank account to the parent wallet. If you are transferring from a bank account it will take four business days to for the funds to show up in the parent wallet. However if you are transferring from a debit card, it will show up straight away. With this is mind, if you are transferring from a bank account you will need to be super organized to ensure the funds are in the parent wallet before pocket money day. Nothing can be transferred to your child unless there is money in the parent wallet. This also limits being able to top up in emergency situations if a bank account is being used for the transfer (a solution to this would be to keep some money handy in your parent wallet).

Overall the Spriggy experience is definitely one to jump on board with. My children who are 9 and 12 love the financial independence they have being able to pay for something themselves. It’s also very convenient as my older daughter is starting to meet friends at movies etc and we don’t have to accompany her to buy tickets, or find money in our wallets to give her. Everything can be set up on the card so she has full access to funds.

Coming off the back end of Christmas and birthdays around the corner, they don’t have anything they want to save for at the moment but the Spriggy app will be very useful when they have a savings plan so they can watch their money grow rather than putting it in a bank account where you can’t see it.
For more information go to and sign up HERE for your free 30 day trial.