Unless you’ve been living under a rock you would have heard of fidget cubes and fidget spinners by now – the toy phenomenon of 2017 taking the world by storm.

Now, leading international toy and consumer products company ZURU Toys is thrilled to announce an exclusive worldwide deal with Antsy Labs to manufacture and distribute the original sensation which started it all – Fidget CubeTM.

Fidget CubeTM is available from June onwards to major Australian retailers including Kmart, Big W, Toys ‘R’ Us, selling for $14.99 each. So, forget about fiddling about with paperclips and pens, once you get your hands on these toys you won’t want to fidget with anything else!

The fidget toy craze is currently so massive that it’s already destined to go down in history along with the Rubik’s Cube, Cabbage Patch Dolls and Hula Hoop as one of the most popular toy fads of all time. However, many of the fidget toy versions now flooding the market are actually copycat knock- offs, that aren’t a patch on the original.