Vivid Sydney’s iconic outdoor ‘art-gallery’ illuminates the city with a mesmerising collection of light art, installations and projections. It’s one of Sydney’s most popular and family friendly event and we have listed some of our favourite family friendly Vivid Sydney 2018 highlights below;

The Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, the city’s oldest green space, becomes a magical nighttime pleasure ground during Vivid Sydney. Expect to see partying parrots, giant metallic flowers, interactive pathways of light and pulsating high-tech trees.

  • Kick off with Aqueous, an interactive landscape of meandering pathways of light framed by the colourful frame of Government House in the background. Created by American artist Jen Lewin, this installation can morph from wavy lines to a variety of abstract shapes. Your kids will love this one.
  • Equally fun for visitors of all ages is Parrot Party, a noisy yet mysterious installation featuring a flock of birds inspired by New Zealand’s Kea parrots and Australian rainbow lorikeets. The illuminated birds break into song and radiating light when they see people.
  • Inject a bit of peace and calm into your evening by visiting Wish Happiness, an installation that blends the Tibetan Buddhist prayer wheel and a playground carousel –energy released by turning the wheel, projects a Buddhist mandala onto floor of he carousel.
  • Wander through the trees and discover Oasis, a sea of lights that dance around a water setting–this installation pays homage to children who grew up in orphanages and children’s homes. It is accompanied by a haunting soundtrack.
  • Light Houses, a collection of brightly-lit totem poles, strikes a much more joyful tone. This work was created by students from TAFE NSW.

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Taronga Zoo

Vivid Sydney 2018

For 23 days in May and June Taronga Zoo will be alive with intoxicating sights and sounds–some bizarre, all fantastical. Vivid Sydney returns to Taronga with a wealth of stunning new installations–all inspired by the zoo’s commitment to endangered species in Australia and Sumatra.

  • The brilliantly lit sculptures–all powered by the latest LED technology–will captivate visitors of all ages, but will prove irresistible to young children. Imagine seeing a giant nine-metre long goanna loom out of the dark or standing beneath a massive manta ray as it sails through the trees.
  • As visitors wander through Tarongas iconic harbour front location they will encounter giant bees, multi-coloured elephants, lions and tigers, sinister red-back spiders, leafy sea dragons and other magical creatures. Children’s voices and the tinkle of soothing music acts as an ambient backdrop.
  • One of the standout attractions is an enormous echidna with a moving tongue – bound to intrigue the younger visitors to Taronga. You’ll also have the chance to take a Vivid Gorillagram featuring three giant-sized illuminated gorillas.

Darling Harbour

Tumbalong Lights is a collection of four interactive-play installations that form an inclusive and accessible Vivid Lights experience for both children and the young at heart.

  • The four under-the-sea-themed installations allow children and their families to interact with creative, awe-inspiring light experiences that help produce a sense of empowerment, a sense of control and a sense of community, while at the same time inspiring fun and playfulness.
  • The interactive experiences offered by this extraordinary play area will enchant children of all ages. And it is remarkable to see how the innovative incorporation of inclusive design principles adds to the overall quality of the experience while opening up possibilities of play, engagement and wonder for children with disability.

City and Surrounds: Snugglepot and Cuddlepie

Exactly 100 years ago, Author May Gibbs gave Australia two characters who dropped out of a gumtree and became instant superstars. Since then, pretty well every Australian child has grown up steeped in the adventures of the intrepid Gumnut Babies, the audacious Snugglepot and the demure Cuddlepie.

  • Generations of Australian children have barracked for their gumnut heroes as they battled the evil Banksia men and their wicked henchmen, the vicious Mrs Snake and the voracious monster Octopus. Renowned art and animation collective Ample Projects brings May Gibbs’ immortal characters to life on the façade of Sydney’s 1845 Customs House.

Head to Vivid Sydney between the 25th May and the 16th June and see more information on the fabulous family friendly installations here.